What’s more beautiful than standing up for a cause you believe in? This year, in celebration of World Food Day on October 16, we asked top models Candice Swanepoel, Lily Aldridge, Liu Wen and others to help us promote Watch Hunger Stop by wearing t-shirts that make a statement. After the photo shoot, we sat down for a conversation with Liu Wen, who is joining the campaign for the first time this year. Read on for what she had to say about giving back and find out how you too can get involved.


Q: It’s your first year joining the Watch Hunger Stop campaign, what inspired you to get involved? 
A: I first heard about the campaign through Michael himself, although I've always known that he is supportive of these types of causes. For me, I just wanted to contribute some effort to the movement as it is such an important issue that affects the entire globe.

Q: How do you plan to show your support on World Food Day? 
A: Outside of participating in this campaign, I will be doing some of my own donations. Even if it's just a little help on my part, I hope it goes a long way in bringing awareness to how much need there is.

Q: If you had to name a role model involved in a philanthropic cause, who would you name and why? 
A: It's hard to name just one because I feel that everyone who has a charitable heart is a role model for me. With that said, some of the most important yet under-recognized people are actually those who work full-time in the organizations themselves. They sacrifice a lot on a daily basis to ensure that the world is a better place.

Q: What’s the easiest way to give back?
A: To raise your voice for the cause and rally more people to join in the "give back" process - the more numbers, the more powerful the movement!

Q: Describe the world you want to live in in 5 words. 
A: Joyful, friendly, peaceful, green, intellectual.

Fill in the blank: 

If you could do one thing to make the world a better place, you would try to bring thorough happiness to everyone - have there be no more worries or frustrations in the world.


You too can join Watch Hunger Stop and help us make a difference. To participate in the campaign, add a personalized message to a digital T-shirt, complete the sentence “Today I Want To...” and upload it to our gallery. For every T-shirt posted, we’ll donate 50 meals to WFP for children in need.*


Model Kendall Jenner uses a photo booth backstage at the Michael Kors Spring 2016 show to create a digital T-shirt with a message.

Make Your Digital T-Shirt
1. Complete the sentence “Today I Want To…”
2. Create your t-shirt and upload a photo or video to the gallery.
3. Share your t-shirt and tag a friend to help us deliver 1 million meals!

*1 digital t-shirt = $12.50 = 50 meals. Michael Kors will donate up to 1,000,000 meals. Please note that WFP does not endorse any products or services.


Models Magdalena Jasek, Tami Williams and Harleth Kuusik backstage at the Michael Kors Spring 2016 show in Watch Hunger Stop T-shirts with a personalized message.